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Web development

Our web development projects, whether website or web store development, are carried out under the Upsolution brand name.


As part of our complex, full- capable service, we prefer completely unique web developments. During a project, we jointly define business goals, from which we create a specification with the help of our project managers and business analysts. Based on the specification, we work on the design and back-end functions of the project in parallel for a faster development time.


At the first step, we create wireframe plans to achieve the right user experience (UX). With these wireframes, which in most cases consist of only a few monochrome colors, we can quickly and cost-effectively illustrate specific business functions. Next, a basic web design (UI, user-interface) concept is created, which presents our proposed ideas on the most important interfaces. If this is accepted, we go further in designing all the necessary interfaces.


When the design of all the necessary interfaces is ready, our developers bring the graphic designs to life, so they can be tested in a responsive way on all devices with different screen sizes.


In parallel, we will start programming the back-end of the project. As part of this, we will adapt the database and back-end functions of the Upsolution CMS system to the project, and a CMS interface tailored to the project will be created, which will help managing all content uploaded to the website, either text or images, it can be easily modified.


With Upsolution, we regularly test these projects on both Hungarian and international tenders. Since 2010, we have won the Website of the Year award in the competition announced by the Internet Section of the Hungarian Marketing Association, and we have also received the Website of the Day recognition on the international CSS Winner site 2 times for our projects.

Let's work together!

We are constantly looking for partners with whom we can work together on a long-term basis. Whether it's our next clients or new colleagues.