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R&D project management

The innovation capabilities of a company are determined not only by numbers, but also by cultural factors such as its relationship with creativity.


According to Mihály Csíkszentmihályi: "Creativity comes from the interaction of three elements of a system that includes a culture with symbolic rules, a person who brings something new into the symbolic domain, and a circle of experts who recognize and validate the innovation. All three factors are necessary for a creative idea, product, or discovery to emerge.”


Along these lines, MMS One's R&D activities and the culture of innovation that has been built up over many years and continuously developed over time, are equally weighted by the creativity and accumulated knowledge of our employees and the productivity of our professional communities that achieve a high level of cooperation. Iteration and contribution to the customer and business side play a major role in our R&D activities.


Our R&D projects are based on responsible planning, from both technical and economical aspects, and in our collaborative tendering processes we accompany R&D with the projects throughout their life cycle: including the preparation of realistic and accurate project documentation, the establishment of a transparent administrative framework, and the technical design, implementation, and introducing the product for the market.

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