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Logistics optimization

Our company has a wide experience in logistics projects. Through our logistics and business analytics teams, we can deliver a complex solution to our partners that can provide a complete solution to the problem at hand.


Our projects are extremely diverse, but all of our work is focused on maximizing customer satisfaction. Our profile includes logistics process assessmentes and audits, analysis, modelling and optimization of internal company operations, as well as design and simulation of logistics systems. In these areas, our highly qualified engineers and academic researchers guarantee high quality project execution. Our experienced project managers will help our partners in their daily work and provide them with a smooth planning of deliverables and further collaboration.


During our logistics projects, we analyze the internal operations and processes of the partner through on-site surveys and use this information to identify the real problems. This is followed by a more in-depth data analysis phase, where we examine data from their internal systems in parallels with the information collected during the physical survey phase.


Tailored solutions to the identified problems will be implemented, and together with our partners we will select the models that are considered potentially appropriate and validate them in the next phase of the project through computer-based logistics simulations. After the validation phase, a final solution is developed that can be implemented at both the process and physical levels.


During the logistics implementation tasks, we support physical planning and execution tasks in the firm, where we are able to coordinate procurement as well as being available for our partners to assist with change management.


In addition to surveying and planning, our software engineers have extensive experience in both warehouse route optimization, and implementation of autonomous transportation tools.

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