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Business application development

Our company has extensive experience in the development of customized business management systems. These specialized systems cover the digitization of business, manufacturing, business support and management processes in order to make them traceable, measurable and efficient.


Business application development typically involves the digitization of processes that are critical to the firm and the organization, which were previously managed on paper and/or in particular systems. Business application development is not exclusively or primarily a programming task, which is why our partners always meet first with our business analysts, who are skilled IT professionals with strong business knowledge and experience to understand the partner's real needs and translate them into precise technical requirements. The aim of the development is to assess the starting point and end point of a process and design the intermediate path to meet IT requirements. This design process is called BPR, Business Process Redesign.


Our application development is based on the latest best practices, basically the technologies we use follow established standards. The systems we build are invariably modular, based on a microservice architecture. We are able to integrate our systems with existing ERP systems, we have experience in interfacing with the most common technologies, e.g. SAP, NaVision, Poseidon, etc. We basically use thin-client technologies, but where there is a customer need, we can also implement platform-independent thick-client application building.


We pay particular attention to the maintainability of our systems and the quality of the documentation associated with the systems, to ensure that the applications we deploy can be maintained and upgraded over time.

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