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Working with our customers starts with focused and intensive requirements elicitation. During the preliminary meetings, our colleagues identify the customer's business processes and their challenges, taking into account what part of the process can be adapted as-is and which part that needs further improvements or adjustments, by keeping into account the whole project goal and vision.


During the meetings, we present to our partners the technological alternatives and innovations that allow us to rationalize, within reasonable limits, the various production parameters of the specific industry: costs, production time, logistics processes, and state-of-the-art web solutions, where we provide them in a time-proof manner with targeting maximize of the marketing aspects.


Development if not managed carefully it could be costly not only for the client but also for us, the development company, so it is particularly important that our team of qualified, highly skilled and experienced business analysts identify the real problems and find solutions to them, so that development can proceed along the exact business needs rather than the client's personal desires.


Our project management methodology is resilient to the size and stage of completion of the project. Based on these parameters, we decide together with the client whether to develop using an agile or waterfall model, in both cases our skilled project managers can manage projects using either methodology. Projects are also broken down into different phases and milestones, and transparent progress is recorded and documented in the industry-standard JIRA system.


We have been developing our products following the ISO quality assurance for software development and operation, IT security, science, and engineering research and development, and we also have a European scope activity liability insurance.


Our development staff also has extensive experiences and expertises in developing systems that are compatible with Proof-of-Concept and high-quality assurance requirements. This enables us to effectively define the necessary quality and control requirements, tailored to our customers and the needs of the task in hand, in order to deliver the best quality solution within the optimum time and cost frame.



  • www
  • ios
  • android
  • windows
  • linux

Programming languages

  • c-plus-plus
  • Java
  • swift
  • javascript
  • c-sharp
  • php
  • python

Back-end frameworks

  • net

Front-end frameworks

  • jquery
  • html5
  • css
  • react
  • saas
  • angular

Data storage/database

  • postgresql
  • mssql
  • mongodb


  • jira-task-management
  • git--source-code-management
  • jenkins--continuous-integration-and-testing
  • docker-deployment-and-testing
  • kubernetes


  • selenium


  • google-cloud-platform
  • apache
  • nginx


  • figma
  • adobe-xd
  • moqups
  • adobe-illustrator

Let's work together!

We are constantly looking for partners with whom we can work together on a long-term basis. Whether it's our next clients or new colleagues.