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Web development

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    The software provides an innovative way to help people search for properties with advanced location-based notifications and a recommendation system. These not only provide the new user with an extraordinary experience but also add new features to the property search interface. Based on their search and notification preferences, users will receive mobile notifications or emails with information on continuously updated offers.

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    At the core of the app is a recommendation algorithm and a virtual inspection of the property to be sold or created with additional information related to the property. On the cloud technologies side, the system offers a scaling method to allocate resources according to the query load.


    Site-specific information is displayed in a structured way according to the preferences of each end-user and the search parameters provided.

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    The main part of the software is the search engine, a digital "search engine" that allows the recommender system to store the data input and send personalized content to the user, even when they are not in the target area.

    The recommendation system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously learn and expand the search parameters, taking into account the searches and activity of other users.

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    Through the app, users can choose how often and in what format notifications should be sent to their smartphone.


    The content of push notifications can be related to new property listings, price changes or current real estate market situation reports. The software lists the properties and details of properties and compares them based on the user's preferences.

Technologies used

  • www
  • ios
  • android
  • Java
  • javascript
  • spring
  • html5
  • css
  • react
  • jquery
  • nginx
  • jira-task-management
  • git--source-code-management
  • jenkins--continuous-integration-and-testing
  • docker-deployment-and-testing
  • google-analytics
  • google-search-console
  • adobe-xd
  • adobe-illustrator

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