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Drone control system

Research and development

Intelligens konfliktuskezelő rendszer
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    What was the problem?


    The behaviour of different types of drones is complex, an innovative solution is needed to monitor and intervene in case of a problem. This task requires offline and real-time simulations, complex predictive modelling and rapid decision-making.

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    Development objective


    The aim of the system development was to provide the basis for a system that would ensure that drones avoid air conflicts. Conflict is defined as cases where several drones intend to be in the same place at the same time. During a conflict, drones can collide and be damaged, generating even major material damage, which can be avoided by using the system developed.

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    Our system is a software composed of three main parts that can determine and predict the temporal and spatial position of moving objects. In addition, it has a user interface to provide a predictive display of the position of drones. The system will also include the necessary media conversions to enable interconnection with other systems.

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    During the implementation, our engineers carried out an in-depth analysis of existing studies and literature of the relevant topics, as well as new methods developed in this field. Based on this knowledge, they selected the methodologies, techniques and models best suited to the task.

Technologies used

  • windows
  • linux
  • c-plus-plus
  • jira-task-management
  • git--source-code-management
  • jenkins--continuous-integration-and-testing
  • microsoft-365
  • figma

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