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Business application development

BLOCC Technologies
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    What's at its core?


    The system offers a completely new experience for users, allowing them to receive targeted information on the latest news and promotions of a particular shop, attraction, museum or even restaurant based on their geographical location. The possibilities are endless. Content management is influenced by two very important factors: location and user interests. The location is determined by the Bluetooth sensors installed.

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    The sensors


    The most important features of the sensors - in terms of service - are their simple, non-expert installation, indoor operation and autonomous, and long-time power supply. This makes the sensor infrastructure quick to deploy and easy to maintain. The devices can also be fixed using various techniques, including adhesive bonding, without the need for wall dismantling.

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    In operation


    The user's interest is determined by a special evaluation logic responsible for sending out content, which are determine by the level of relevance based on the user's interaction with the system. During operation, the following process takes place between the sensors, the server system and the user's smart device.

Technologies used

  • www
  • ios
  • android
  • Java
  • javascript
  • swift
  • spring
  • angular
  • jquery
  • nginx
  • postgresql
  • jira-task-management
  • git--source-code-management
  • adobe-illustrator

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