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Business application development

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    The principal


    Dogranum Kft. Has decades of experience in the trade of agricultural products. Where they recognized that there is no application on the market that allows traders to access key information in one place.

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    During the design phase of the project, we jointly identified the information that the target group may need in such an application. In addition to the European quotation price for wheat, barley and rapeseed. The most important information for traders is the exchange rate of the most common currency pairs (forint, euro, dollar and ruble). We also considered it important to display certain weather values, which could be useful for the traders.

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    Using the necessary information, we created wireframe plans, and in parallel, we began to search for applications and information sources that could be suitable for use. Finally, we chose the official API access of the Euronext Commodity Exchange to display the exchange rates of various agricultural products, the exchange rates were provided by Fixer.io, and the weather data were provided by OpenWeather and OMSZ.

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    To support the app, we’ve also created a simple one-page website that makes it easy to download the app from both Google Play and the App Store.

Technologies used

  • www
  • ios
  • android
  • javascript
  • php
  • laravel
  • html5
  • css
  • react
  • jquery
  • nginx
  • postgresql
  • jira-task-management
  • git--source-code-management
  • docker-deployment-and-testing
  • adobe-xd

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