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Gász Máté

Health Industry Support Programme

In April 2021, our company was awarded a large government grant under the Health Industry Support Programme for a healthcare research and development project to create an artificial intelligence-assisted system to investigate neurological lesions based eye movements using sensor-based monitoring devices.


The use of simpler cognitive testing methods for the diagnosis of neurological complications caused by certain viruses has been taken into consideration, and without the development and standardization of these methods and the development of an intelligent algorithm based on these methods, their widespread use is not expected. The development based on the research we are pursuing could eliminate the scientific uncertainty in this area (through direct measurements and standardisation, validation of methods), thus identifying the potential scope for the use of simpler and cheaper testing methods. 



The project will involve the novel coupling of existing (approved and applied) technical solutions, cognitive testing systems and the IT processing of the data sets resulting from the coupling, which can be considered as a major technical advance. Each test generates an extremely large amount of data (eye movements, pupil dilation, palpebral movements, EEG, etc.) which can be easily analyzed together using IT algorithms and concepts. 


The developed system has a wide range of applications, as it can be used for the detection of other cognitive disorders, screening and early diagnosis of other pathologies and diseases in addition to the basic objective.  

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