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Festive thoughts

Last year, we began our Christmas greetings thoughts by saying the year was extremely unpredictable and eventful and presented us all with unprecedented challenges. Unfortunately this was also true for 2021. The many waves of Covid have caused a lot of sadness, personal tragedy and difficult challenges in the lives of all of us, our families, our businesses - and we don't see the end yet.


Yet, life goes on - including ours. This year may have been slower and more cautious than previous ones but we believe it is no less successful and forward-thinking.


In 2021 we were able to make significant progress in 3 major projects which will mark the way for next year as well. Together with our partners we are delivering for maintenance our supervision system for the Hungarian government which has been developed in the last 18 months and we are preparing for its further developments.


As part of the Health Support Program (ETP) we began biotechnology development with significant novelty during this year that has now entered the clinical testing phase.


Despite Covid and closures we have not given up ob competing in international markets. In addition to the cooperations and business relations so far, we are also starting with great plans for the extremely promisingly developing African market. As a first step we will open a branch in Nairobi early next year to help our business plans with the right focus and local collegaues.


We believe that if we look back in a few years, we will say that 2021 was a year of preparation. We hope you all have positive memories of this extremely hectic year, forcing many many redesigns. On behalf of all our colleagues, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Let's work together!

We are constantly looking for partners with whom we can work together on a long-term basis. Whether it's our next clients or new colleagues.