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Kriminalisztikai alkalmazást fejlesztettünk


Development of a forensic application

Within the framework of the project organized by the Center for Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation (FIEK), we recently participated in the development of a complex forensic IT application.


Organized by Dr. Gábor Kovács, head of the Department of Criminal Sciences of the Széchenyi István University, a prototype of a technical application has been realized, which makes the crime management work of investigative bodies easier, faster and more transparent.



We helped create a new system that replaces the currently used paper-based crime recording process with a mobile app that can capture every part of the process in a credible way so that the system can be accredited.


The advantage of the system is that during the forensic process, the police is able to record the exhibits by attaching a picture or even a video to the scene. The prototype model has been completed, and testing and trial operation can begin in cooperation with the National Police Headquarters.

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