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About us


Over the years, our colleagues have gained experience in a wide range of fields. AI, Big Data, Java,Machine Learning, PHP, React Native, SEO, SQL, UX/UI Design, these are just a few of the areas we excel in.

We've developed innovative solutions and a comprehensive business strategy to meet your needs, all in a process that you can control and oversee.

MMSOne is an IT and business consulting and development company. In addition to our 3 offices in Hungary (Győr, Budapest and Pécs) we are also present in Vienna.

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Industry 4.0 business

Our main focus is the automation of industrial production, logistics processes, and their digitization.

We provide our customers with efficiency-enhancing solutions in areas such as robot control and decision making (smart sensor and machine vision), big data, location detection, and by combining sensor technology with artificial intelligence to deliver benefits.

Commercial business

Our strengths in custom software development include Java-based business and web application development, PHP-based websites and custom CMS design and development, SQL and NoSQL database development.

With the development of cross-platforms (React Native) and native mobile applications (Kotlin, Swift) we are extremely efficient to cover the current market needs in the field of mobile devices.

Digital business

Our Pécs-based subsidiary, Upsolution has won 15 awards in 10 categories in the Website of the Year competitions over the past 9 years. Our young team creates websites with unique graphic design (UX/UI design) and development, and supports its partner's business goals in the fields of SEO and online marketing.