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What are cookies?


When a user visits this website, we place small data files (cookies) on your computer that may serve multiple purposes. Some cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others are for convenience or performance purposes.


Types of cookies


  1. Session Cookies: This website is browsable and required to use its features. Without their application, the smooth use of the website cannot be guaranteed, so it is not possible to switch them off. Their validity period extends for the duration of the visit and is automatically deleted at the end of the session.
  2. Convenience Cookies: They allow us to store certain operational settings (for example, that you have previously accepted a cookie).
  3. Performance Cookies: Used to measure website traffic and interactions in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the website. Disabling them does not affect the user experience of the page.


We do not memorize or store any personal IDs or passwords. In addition to using cookies, visitors can use the website in complete security.


Check and disable the setting of cookies

Browsers allow you to change or disable cookie settings, however, if you disable cookies, we cannot guarantee that all features will remain fully available.


You can change or disable the use of cookies in each browser as follows:


Information when using an ad-blocker


For various ad-blocker applications or browser add-ons, information about the handling of cookies (cookies) is not displayed or is not displayed correctly.


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