TVB Villach

This application shows the city of Villach to customers. Customers always receive update information for that city part of the daily programs.


For smartphones: Never again miss the important things. Most actual information… right to the place, where you are. Right for the place, where you are. What does it take for a perfect vacation? Nice weather. Delicious food. A comfortable accommodation. Fun, Action and relaxation. But also the knowledge about the time and place of hot events, cool bargains and when the bus is leaving for your next destination. Or briefly spoken… hot-off-the-press information for your current location.

TVB Villach is an app for your smartphone, which does exactly that… delivery of location-aware tourism-related information in the greater area of Villach. You’re near interesting places or sights, you will receive information about them. You’re approaching a store, which you are interested in, current bargains and information will come to you. You are passing by a public transport station, you will see departure times and schedules of the lines servicing this station. Thanks to modern location technologies, your smartphone will always know, when there is interesting news for places nearby and present it to you.


All you need is to register anonymously to the system (alternatively, use a facebook account) and tell the system, which kind of information you are interested in. Afterwards, you will never again miss what’s going on your proximity and thus can enjoy your visit in the region of Villach to the full.

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