Blocc - Proximity solution

Make your events more amazing! Communicate with your festival goers through a unique festival app.



Nowadays most festivals have their own applications. Besides the program book, the map, and the information, you could bring your festival app to a whole new level – increase the activity of festival goers, make your events more popular!

The transponders, placed on the counters and stages help you by sending personal messages. Tell the festival goers about drink discounts, concerts, help their orientation with an interactive festival map. Motivate your visitors by fixed games and increase the attendance of specific places. For the event you can set games connected to the programs, which will engage the festival goers.

The consumers meet countless advertisements day by day. Marketing experts are striving for catching their attention in the most creative ways possible. They are trying to use many different ATL/BTL tools to their fullest, for the sole purpose of engaging the consumers with their products or services. However what is that way of communication, through which the consumers can be reached most effectively? And the other way around: What is that channel, which is the most viewed by the consumers, from which they curiously receive all the information?


Their smartphone. Nowadays people do not go anywhere without their phones – and by using our technology, their steps and actions can be followed. You can get a better picture about the customs of different consumer groups, and by having that information; you can effectively message them with relevant advertising contents. It is good for the consumer, because he/she receives information about his/her interests and it is good for you, because the consumers will do their shopping by a higher chance in your shop. Place blocc Beacons around and in your shop to get a better picture about your customers’ preferences, and based on that data, create the most perfect marketing communication campaign!

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